Katie Joy

Katie Joy from Fairway Independent Mortgage in Scottsdale, Arizona, is committed to taking great care of people who are interested in buying a home or refinancing their existing home(s).

Katie’s heart’s desire is helping people. She believes that there is no greater reward than being part of a journey that begets home ownership. Katie’s passion comes from experience and knowing the difference between “doing it” and “doing it RIGHT.”

Katie started working in the real estate industry immediately after graduating in 1977, and has lived in Arizona since 1978. From 1997–1992, she was an escrow officer, branch manager, and division manager. Since entering the residential lending industry in 1992, Katie has represented large banks, home builders, wholesale lenders and retail lenders.

Katie is not currently married, but has a wonderful son and daughter-in-law and two perfect grandchildren.

After almost 40 years in the industry, Katie believes that she is qualified to know the difference between an average company and a SUPER company. Fairway Independent Mortgage is THE difference.